Spanish Study Centre

An authentic Institute to learn SPANISH in Calcutta
(Affiliated to Indo Latin American Association)
A center of excellence in learning of Spanish Language since 2003

Course Modules

The Spanish Language course consists of around 7 months, including two exams, Midterm and Final.

Basic grammar up to present, future, present perfect tense. Typical uses of the language, conversational skill in daily life, (with Audio support). Simple reading and writing skills. Preliminary training for Preparation of D. E. L. E. exam. (level A1 & Part of A2).

Grammar with past tense, subjunctive and typical uses of conversational Spanish. More audio lessons to understand the way of speaking and accents of the native Spanish speakers. Writing skill with typical uses of commercial letter writing. Intensive training for D. E. L. E. exam. (level Part of A2 & B1).

Higher grammar with emphasis on reading texts and individual writing skills. More conversation with support of different audios. A short history of Spanish Language and Literature. Training for D. E. L. E. exam. (level B2).

The Course Module and Study materials are designed in conformity with the Language Courses conducted by Spanish schools in Spain and Latin America with special emphasis on the culture and livelihood of the Spanish - speaking countries (with Audio support). The students are provided with the writing as well as communication skills.

We also conduct courses for training in Spanish in Call Centres which include corporate and business Spanish.