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Publication in Details

The translated texts: From Spanish to Bengali-

1. Latin Americar Rupkatha [Publisher - CODEX].

2. Agun Ushnatai Galpa (Legends of Spain) - Translations from a book "Cuentos al amor de la lumbre", Vol 1, by A. R. Almodovar [Publisher - CODEX].

3. Anakle_ebang... (a collection of stories from the book titled "El turno de Anakle" by Gala Galarza, a leading writer of Ecuador).[Publisher - CODEX].

4. Latin America ek Najare (Latin America at a glance) - A short presentation of countries of Latin America, History, Geography, Politics, Culture etc.[Publisher - CODEX].

5. Nirbachita Garcia Marquez (Selected short stories of Garcia Marquez) - A short presentation of countries of Latin America, History, Geography, Politics, Culture etc.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

6. Che-er Sabuj Noteboi (Green Diary of Che Guevara) - When Che, the great revolutionary, was killed in Bolivia, there were three diaries in his rucksack, two of them had already been come into light (Congo Diary and Bolivian Diary), but this third one, the Green Diary, had not been published till 2007, while Paco Ignacio Taibo II of Mexico did a great job of research and brought to the public the contents thereof. This is an authentic translation of Green Diary (El cuaderno verde) of Che from Spanish to Bengali.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

7. Motorcycle Diary of Che (Diarios de motocicleta) - The Bengali translation of this famous and heart-throbbing adventure of young Che from original Spanish.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

8. Latin Americar Rakakta Itihas (Las venas abiertas de America Latina) - This book is a authentic Bengali translation of the history of five centuries of pillage of Latin America in the hands of Conquistadores (Spanish conquerors) and later by Imperialist forces written by the famous Uruguayan journalist and essayist and published in 1971.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

9. Perur Prakrita Itihas (Comentarios reales de los Incas) - The son of a Spanish Conquistador' and a Inca princess, Inca Garcilaso de la Vega wrote this book in Spanish in the year 1609 which is stated to be the first word of Inca to the world. He described a true and chronological history of the Inca civilization and the conflicts among the Spanish themselves after they capture Peru.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

10. Smritikathay Cuba Biplab (Reminiscence of Cuban Revolution) - The main guiding spirit behind Cuban Revolution was Che Guevara who is supposed to be one of the greatest Revolutionaries of the world. During the Cuban Revolution Che had noted all the remarkable incidents of the Revolution in the form of a Diary. This memoirs is translated in Bengali.(Publisher: Radical Impression)..

11. Guerrilla Juddha (Guerra de Guerillas): In the history of the mankind Guerrilla warfare has become an important strategy of war since long. By conducting Guerrilla warfare many a countries won their Independence movement, such as, China, Vietnam and Cuba. In Cuba the great Revolutionary Che took part in Guerrilla war and it is the book where he describes every aspect of this war strategy.

12. Paramparay Perur Kahini (Tradiciones peruanas) by Ricardo Palma: Ricardo Palma is one of the famous sons and writers of Peru. He wrote 453 stories with the title Tradiciones peruanas, the time frame of which ranges from Pre-Inca period to post- Independence era and the stories are a mixture of fiction and history, theme includes Social, political life, faith, superstitions of different people of different classes. In one word, those are the documentations of a long period of Peruvian social life. We have taken 33 stories covering all the episodes. Bilingual edition in Spanish and Bengali. Introductions for each story written by Carlos Alberto Yrigoyen, en eminent Peruvian scholar and the translation work supported by Atasi Chatterjee.

13. Romantic Kabita O Kahini (Rimas y Leyendas by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer) Bécquer is stated to be the father of Romanticism in Europe. Only in his 34 years short life, he portraits poems like paintings and also his prose is as enchanting like his poetry. Died in 1870, but his works are more than contemporary. Translation work helped by Atasi Chatterjee and Mahua Dutta, the students of the Spanish Study Centre.

14. Pathe Pathe Peru: A Travelogue: Prof. Ray has described his experience and feelings of his two times visit to Peru in an attractive manner. The book includes a numbers of beautiful photographs which is an added attraction.

15. Perur Kabita: A bilingual (English and Bengali) translation of 22 poems of 12 eminent poets of Peru of different ages. Edited by Asesh Ray and Atasi Chatterjee, translators are the students of Spanish Study Centre and Prof. Rabin Pal. Inaugurated by Peruvian writer Francesca Denegri and Ambassador of Peru in the Book Fair of Kolkata, 2014.

16. Antología de poesía peruana: A trilingual edition (Spanish- Hindi- Bengali) of some 21 poems of 9 eminent Peruvian poets, published under the sponsorship of Ministerio de Realaciones de Peru and Embassy of Peru in India as a memento of the Kolkata Book Fair, 2014, the presentation ceremony was held in New Delhi at Instituto Cervantes on 22nd. July, 2014. Prof. Asesh Ray has done the Bengali translation of the poems, supported by Atasi Chatterjee.

17. Poems of Octavio Paz (bilingual English-Bengali) : It is a project of students and teachers of Spanish Study Centre with revision by Prof. S. P. Ganguly, a renowned Hispanista. To commemorate the Birth centenary of Mexican Poet Octavio Paz, his selective and representative poems have been translated by Atasi Chatterjee, Mahua Dutta, Sarnath Mukhopadhyay and Asesh Ray.

18. Juddha O Bhalobasar Din Ratri (Dias y noches de amor y de gnerra) : This is a translation from Eduardo Galeano's day to day experiences, while he was is exile for 8 years and met all classes of people for Guerillas to President of the Country.

From Bengali to Spanish-

Unas Leyendas de la India (A few legends of India) which includes some great stones like Sakuntala, Ramdhan, Rajar Asukh of Sukumar Roy, Birth of Krishna etc.). The book was inaugurated by Cuban National Poet senor Luis Toledo Sande and the then Ambassador of Cuba in 2003 during the Kolkata Book Fair.

Cuentos de Panchatantra en español (Stories of Panchatantra in Spanish). Spanish version of Panchatantra had been published by a renowned publisher of Spain "Agilice Digital" in 2017 in both the format - Digital & Print.